MATCH REPORT – [Deccan] Playoff 1 vs. IE2 – Match Report

Deccan built a huge score to arrive at the Semi’s. This is playoffs and we are playing IE 2.  It is a knock-out situation and we have to win to advance to the next level.  The venue is Marder ground at Woodley, a huge field with a cold and windy day ahead.  Deccan won the toss and elected to bat.  The conditions were windy and the game started early at 9:30 AM. Deccan started quick off the block with Kunal and Ronak.  They both played the ball to its merit and rotated the strike effortlessly.  Ronak’s first 3 scoring shots were boundaries and Kunal foiled him with loads of singles.  The opening bowler was taken to the cleaners.  His first and only spell cost him 28 runs in 3 overs.  The runs were flowing freely from the bat.   No bowlers were spared for their errors and the good balls were worked around the field to keep the momentum.   Ronak was in great nick and raised his 50 when the team barely reached 66.  Kunal joined in to hit a few boundaries off his own.  Kunal and Ronak shared their 2nd century stand this season to give Deccan the upper hand early in the game.  They were positive and were effectively fulfilling their roles.  The proceedings were going well for Deccan; the run-rate was even better – 7 runs an over. At the break, Deccan were unbeaten at 100 runs in 14 overs.  IE2 introduced spinners at both ends to contain the flow of runs.  The left-arm bowler effectively did the trick in his first over. US Open tennis is a popular international tournament.  Kunal edged one to the keeper to end his innings.  He made a sound 40 before returning. Jimmy joined in the middle instead of Manan. He played a couple of positive strokes and wanted to change the tempo instead of keeping the pace.  He charged to the spinner and failed to connect. He was stumped as a result.  Deccan were 2 for 120 in the 19th over.  Gaurav joined Ronak in the middle.  The proceedings seemed to settle down.  The two spinners were bowling tight lines with defensive fields.  Deccan allowed themselves to available singles as the field was spread out.  Ronak tried to break shackles by hitting over the top.  He miss-timed and was caught at mid-off.  The score-card read 3 for 140 in the 24th over.  Manan was sent in next.  He was in an aggressive mood and went after the bowling from the second ball.  He hit a couple of angry shots and was out soon caught.  Nishant joined Gaurav, who was accumulating runs at a good pace.  Nishant matched Gaurav’s pace and got the score moving.  They saw the bowlers with caution and played them out to start the swing.  They accumulated runs industriously.  They ran hard for the singles and doubles. US Open Tennis Live was a great tournament.   What was better to see was they were looking to set a huge score for Deccan.  The boundaries did not come easy.  At break, Deccan were 4 for 174 in 30 overs with big hitters eying the opportunity to hit out.  Gaurav and Nishant started the process.  Gaurav hit a couple of boundaries.  Nishant bettered him on the other end.  He hit a 6 over the bowlers head.  Gaurav wanted to hit the slow bowler out of the park but ended up getting himself bowled.  He played for the spin to a straight one.  Abhishek came in with a license to hit and he did just that.  He deposited one to the cow-corner in true tail-ender style.  The bat is well knocked.  These two added quick  20 runs. Abhishek stepped out to the spinner the next over and was stumped.  Sandy came in with less than two overs to go.  He wanted to scamper for runs in the meanwhile Nishant was unable to get the big shots going.  Sandy made up for it in the last over.  He hit one over the bowler for 4 and tried the same shot again but this time he was caught at mid-on.  Bob faced the last ball.  Nishant wanted to run for anything and everything.  Bob played it straight to the bowler, nishant was well out of his crease and was run-out.  Deccan finished their inning with a commanding total of 8 for 252 in 40 overs. batting card: Kunal 40 Ronak 73 Jimmy 3 Gaurav 46 Manan  9 nishant 43 Abhishek 13 Sandesh 4 Bob  0* Deccan must make a many mistakes to lose this game.  And we did start with one.  Deccan wanted the hard-hitter out.  The field was set, Nishant bowled a full one for the batter to hit and was caught at mid-on.  But no one celebrated.  It was a No-ball. Deccan also missed a run-out opportunity because the batsmen failed to recognize the no-ball and were stranded mid-pitch.  Nishant made up for the lost wicket when he bowled the other opener.  Ronak claimed the new guy, who only managed to nick one back to Mukul.  IE2 sent another hard-hitter and Deccan saw a few deliveries meet the boundary.  A couple of catches were dropped and the fielding was ordinary.  Gaurav was introduced to seek a breakthrough along with Jimmy.  The boundaries came at will and IE2 crossed 50 in the 12th over.  The required run-rate was getting higher and IE2 had to keep up with the pace.  Gaurav bowled tight line to contain the batsmen.  Deccan also opted for defensive field to minimize the boundaries.  Nadun replace Jimmy after the break.  He bowled a tight 4 balls before the batsman slogged him for a six over mid-wicket.  Gaurav continued to trouble the batsmen and he got his man this time around.  He induced the batsman to drive but could only edge it back to Mukul.  IE2 were 3 for 73 in the 17th over.  Deccan were thinking wickets and got their opening bowlers in.  Ronak provided just that.  The off-side was packed with close-in catchers.  Ronak forced batsmen to go after him on the off-side.  The batsmen could only see the ball whizzing by.  When the batsmen did connect and hit one against the wind, Kunal took a well judged catch at mid-off .  A left-hand-er joined in and Ronak and Gaurav’s combo continued to trouble the batsmen.  The runs dried up.  Ronak in his last over had one more blow for IE2.  Ronak was successful to get a probing edge which Mukul pouched comfortably. IE2 were 5 for 100 inn the 26th over.   Sandy was itching to get a bowl.  IE2 needed 10+ an over with 5 wickets in hand.  The task was daunting.  Sandy bowled tight line.  Gaurav had bowled 8 overs straight without giving anything away.  Abhishek replaced Gaurav.  He did not have the control that Sandy showed on the other end.  Batsmen went after Abhishek and they wanted to do the same to Sandy.  They could not quite force the issue.  The batsman swiped across the line and was bowled by Sandy.  Sandy claimed another wicket the very next over, bowled.  IE2 were 7 for 147 in the 34th over.  Nishant’s last two overs cost Deccan 18 runs when batsmen decided to go after everything.  Sandy got his third wicket caught by Jimmy at covers.  the batsman hit the ball high and Jimmy judged it well.  Manan got into the action and claimed his first wicket. The batsman was bowled swiping across. For the last over of the innings, Kunal came in to bowl.  He was freezing in the field and was wayward to start the bowling as well.  The last wicket came off the last ball similar to the Deccan’s innings.  The batsman hit the ball which did not go anywhere and they took off.  Mukul quickly collected the ball off the pitch and ran them out.  IE2 were bowled out for 182. Deccan won convincingly but there were many errors.  Fielding was not up to the mark.  5 catches were dropped and there were numerous mis-fieldings.  We will have to pick up the loose ends and make a better effort in order to win against better oppositions.  Especially now, when we are already going to a higher division.  Lets work on the fielding and help each other, bowlers and fielders alike.   Bowling card:         O-M-R-W Nishant     8-0-48-1  (2w, 2n) Ronak       8-1-22-3  (1w, 1n) Gaurav      8-0-28-1  (5w, 0n) Jimmy       4-0-24-0  (3w, 0n) Nadun       2-0-17-0  (0w, 0n) Sandy       6-0-21-3  (3w, 0n) Abhishek   2-018-0   (4w, 0n) Manan       1-0-4-1   (1w, 0n) Kunal        1-0-7-0    (5w, 0n) Deccan needs to pull everything together, specially their fielding.  Fielding has cost us important runs and more importantly wickets.  We need to do a better job.  Batting will not always win us matches.  Our strength is bowling and the fielding has a big job supporting the bowlers.  Lets do that.  lets work hard in the fielding during practice and reflect the results in the game. Go Deccan!! Nishant Patel President, Deccan CC

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar

Full Name : Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Style : Right hand top order batsman
Right-arm Slow spin bowler
Teams : India, Mumbai, Yorkshire
Highest ODI Score : 186* vs New Zealand
Highest Test Score : 217 vs New Zealand
Best ODI Bowling : 5/32 vs Australia
Best Test Bowling : 3/10 vs South Africa
Career Highlights : Youngest player to play Test cricket for India. Highest number of One Day International centuries in the world. First player to score 10,000 runs in ODIs.
Sir Don Bradman had said that Sachin plays the way he used to in his prime. Sunny Gavaskar believes Sachin was the best player in Bombay when he was just thirteen and hadn’t played a single domestic match. Shane Warne feels that the little man is better than world record holder Brian Lara as he has absolutely no weakness. Greg Chappel feels that Sachin doesn’t need a bat out in the middle; a single stump would be more than enough. The entire cricket world is convinced of one thing : Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the world’s best batsman. Not just for his extraordinary skill, not just for his ability to tear even the most formidable of bowling attacks to shreds; but also for a rare never-say-die spirit, an insatiable hunger for runs and victory, a desire to dominate the opponent ; commitment, dedication … these are what the little champion has built his reputation on. As Aussie Mark Waugh, another champion batsman, points out “His aggression, his knowledge of his abilities and limitations and his awareness of what the opposition bowlers are capable of are what make him remarkable. He always tries to control and dominate and this makes him an extremely dangerous player when he gets going.”
Tendulkar’s ability and steely resolve was evident back in 1989 itself, when in his first test match he stood up to the fiery pace attack of Imran and Akram on a treacherous track in front of a hostile Pakistani crowd. Since then, his career graph has soared, with tons of runs against every international side, both on home turf and on foreign territory.
US Open Tennis Live is broadcasted on BBC in Britain. Sachin had always been seen as captaincy material, and once Azharrudin was sacked as skipper following the 1996 World Cup and India’s disastrous tour of England, the elevation was made possible. But a dip in personal form and indifferent results as captain, made the twenty three year old’s tenure at the helm forgettable. He was removed in 1997 — Azhar coming back as captain — only to be reinstated following the ’99 World Cup. The story was no different this time either … despite terrific performances with the bat himself, he was simply unable to draw any worthwhile performances out of his team, and he resigned following the dismal tour of Australia, making way for Saurav Ganguly.
Those were troubled times for him but they are now history. Free from the burdens of captaincy, the boyish smile has returned once again and the uninhibited destructive strokeplay is back too. And while Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar might never lead India again, there is nothing that can deny him his place in the annuls of world cricket.

Ganguly maybe but definitely not Tendulkar

Lots were said before the start of the test matches and lots more was said after the end of the test matches. But one thing is clear not; much can be said after the one dayers.
It all started with some stupid astrologer predicting the end of Tendulkar before the Pakistan series. Then came the nonsense from Moin Khan – Sachin is afraid of Shoaib and this is the end of his career. Trash talk was all it was.
India There was also the trash talk before the start of the series about preparing fast pitches to trouble Indian batsman and it was unfortunate that the test series was decided based on 1 test match where, because of Ganguly India lacked a proper opening batsman and Dravid was sacrificed. India played badly and lost the series.
Then came the one-day series and Pakistan won the 1st match and everyone started calling for Sachin to be dropped. I’m just glad it wasn’t a series decided based on one match, like the test series or India would have lost this series as well.
I don’t think I need to explain what happened in the four other matches – Pakistan was pulverized to pulp and yet the excuses kept flowing from the mouth of Imran Khan. Every match his excuse changed. The bottom line is Sachin proved to all outsiders and the India hypocrites that the end is not here and an Sehwag less India obliterated Pakistan.
They both once had gone to watch us open tennis live in USA toghether. Ganguly cost India the test match but as someone said “Mount Tendulkar, is, and always will be too high a peak for anyone to climb”.
Good riddance to bad rubbish is what I can say for Ganguly, what I want to know is how many of you were saying “the end is here” for Tendulkar.